Category: Music Selection

Here is our archive of music lists that we compile to cover every three to four months. We utilize OCP planners, GIA online music suggestions, and the indexes of our song books. We currently own Gather 3rd Edition, Spirit & Song, Spirit & Psalm, Choose Christ, and Glory & Praise 2nd Edition. Note, these music lists are tentative and adjustments might be made throughout the course of the year.

Music Selections: Jun-Sep 2019

Year C Most Holy Trinity – Jun 16 Opening: Canticle of the Sun G3 576 Offertory: Abba Father GP 696 Communion: I Am The Bread of Life OCP Closing: Holy Spirit CC 39 Closing: And The Father Will Dance OCP Most Holy Body &… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Jun-Sep 2019”

Music Selections: Mar-Jun 2019

Year C Ash Wednesday – Mar 6 Opening: Enter the Journey GP3 657 Offertory: Open My Eyes (Bilingual) G3 651 Communion: Lord, Create in Me (Bilingual) — Communion: Pan de Vida (Bilingual) G3 920 Ashes: Pescador de Hombres (Bilingual) G3 781 Ashes: Ashes G3… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Mar-Jun 2019”

Music Selections: Dec-Mar 2019

Year B 1st Sunday of Advent – Dec 2 Opening City of God GP3 Special Light One Candle Offertory Find Us Ready Lord SS Communion Holy is His Name (Talbot) SS Communion Behold The Lamb of God GP3 Closing Soon and Very Soon GP3… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Dec-Mar 2019”

Music Selections: Sept-Dec 2018

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sept 1,2 Processional: Let Us Build a House G741 Responsorial: Those Who Do Justice GP168 Offertory: I Am The Bread of Life G822 Communion: Bread of Life CC17 For the Beauty of the Earth GP704 Recessional: America GP726 23rd… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Sept-Dec 2018”

Music Selections: May-Sept 2018

Trinity Sunday, May 26/27 Processional: Holy, Holy, Holy GP414 Responsorial: Let Your Mercy Be On Us G32 Offertory: Turn To Me GP342 Taste and See GP199 Communion: Abba, Father GP696 How Great Thou Art GP665 Recessional: Eternal Father, Strong to Serve (Provided) Corpus Christi,… Continue Reading “Music Selections: May-Sept 2018”

Music Selections: Feb-May 2018

Ash Wednesday, Feb 14 Processional: Lift High the Cross GP444 Responsorial: Be Merciful, O Lord G39 Ashes: Hosea GP471 Offertory: Pan de Vida GP500 Communion: Remember Your Love G851 Create In Me GP209 Recessional: For You Are My God GP612 First Sunday of Lent,… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Feb-May 2018”

Music Selections: Dec-Feb 2018

1st Sunday of Advent, Dec 2/3 Processional: Save Us, O Lord GP301 Responsorial: Lord, Make Us Turn to You GP221 Offertory: Turn To Me GP342 Communion: To You, O Lord GP183 Christ Be Our Light GP656 Recessional: Let Heaven Rejoice GP333 Immaculate Conception of… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Dec-Feb 2018”

Music Selections: Sept-Dec 2017

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time, Sept 2/3 Processional: Lift High the Cross GP444 Responsorial: Your Love is Finer G42 Offertory: Come to the Water GP770 Communion: As The Deer Shepherd Me, O God G23 Recessional: America GP726 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sept 9/10… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Sept-Dec 2017”

Music Selections: Jun-Sept 2017

The Most Holy Trinity (Jun 10/11) Processional: Holy, Holy, Holy GP414 Responsorial: I Will Praise Your Name G76 Offertory: Dwelling Place GP591 Communion: Abba Father GP696 Ubi Caritas GP364 Recessional: They’ll Know We Are Christians GP568 The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ/Corpus… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Jun-Sept 2017”

Music Selections: Mar-Jun 2017

Ash Wednesday (Mar 1) (7 pm bilingual) Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (7 pm bilingual) Processional: Glory and Praise GP671 Responsorial: Be Merciful, O Lord G39 Offertory: Open My Eyes SP499 If Today You Hear God’s Voice _ Communion: Pan de Vida GP500 Create… Continue Reading “Music Selections: Mar-Jun 2017”