Twenty First Sunday Ordinary Time, Year A

August 23, 2020, Year A

Introductory Rites

EntranceCity of God (Dan Schutte)G3‑766, GP3‑538, J3‑813, NTY‑9, BB20‑385
Glory to GodGlory to God (Mass of Renewal) (Curtis Stephan)GP3‑93, J3‑176, S&S‑14, CC20‑20, BB20‑860

Liturgy of the Word

First ReadingIsaiah 22:19-23
Responsorial PsalmPsalm 138:1-2, 2-3, 6, 8
Lord, Your Love Is Eternal; Do Not Forsake the Work of Your Hands (Casey McKinley)CC20‑204, SP20‑272
Second ReadingRomans 11:33-36
Gospel AcclamationMatthew 16:18
You Are Peter and upon This Rock I Will Build My Church and the Gates of the Netherworld Shall Not Prevail Against It (Mass of Renewal) (Curtis Stephan)SP20‑274
GospelMatthew 16:13-20

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Presentation and Preparation of the GiftsThe Eyes and Hands of Christ (Tom Kendzia)hn Foley)GP3‑585, J3‑738, NTY‑77, S&S‑234, CC20‑296, BB20‑520

Communion Rite

CommunionThis Alone (Tim Manion)GP3‑631, J3‑652, BB20‑403

Concluding Rites

Final Song or HymnMagnificat (Steve Angrisano, Curtis Stephan)GP3‑209, CC20‑418

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