Holy Week

April 14 – 21, 2019


Mass Readings: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday

Holy Week is very near. How has your Lenten experience this year? So many of us might be feeling anxious to get back to “normal” life. What are the lessons that we learned during Lent and how can we continue to keep our focus on what we have learned these past few weeks? How are you preparing yourself for these next few days as we enter Holy Week?

Let us stay focused on these last few days of Lent and really try to take in a deeper understanding on what Jesus went through as his final days as man. Through deeper meditation and reflection, we can better understand why he suffered and died for you and me.

How is God calling you to new life and to embrace the good
news of the resurrection? How will you keep the Easter season of joy?

Music Selections

YouTube Playlist: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

OpeningThe King of GloryG3 572
Response Psalm 22: My God, My GodG3 33
OffertoryThere is a LongingG3 653
CommunionNow We RemainG3 785
ClosingWe RememberG3 681

Holy Thursday

OpeningVen al Banquete/Come to the FeastFyC 600
ResponseSalmo 115 El Caliz Que Bendecimos/Our Blessing CupFyC 253
Foot WashingHay Gran Amor/Great is the LoveFyC 339
OffertoryAmarFyC 658
CommunionPan de Vida
Psalm 116: Our Blessing Cup
GP 591
GP 257
Transfer of
Blessed Sacrament
Pange Lingua
Tantum Ergo

G3 509
GP3 420

Good Friday

OpeningNone (Process in Silence)
Response Psalm 31: Father, I put my LifeGP 195
Adoration of the
Holy Cross
O Sacred Head, Surrounded
Peque, Peque, Senor
Behold the Wood
Entre Tus Manos
Were You There
G3 512
CyF 350
G3 514
CyF 675
GP 368
ClosingNone (Recess in Silence)

Easter Vigil

OpeningNone (Process in Silence)
ExultetLord, Send Out Your Spirit
I Will Praise You, Lord
Lord, You have the Words
As The Deer
GP 253
G3 42
G3 31

Baptisms:Come to the Water
Healing Water
Rain Down
G3 584
SS 294
G3 519
OffertoryChrist, Be Our LightG3 590
CommunionI Am the Bread of Life
Worthy is the Lamb
G3 945
SS 264
ClosingJesus Christ is Risen TodayG3 540

Easter Sunday

OpeningJesus Christ is Risen TodayG3 540
SprinklingCome to the WaterG3 584
Response This is the Day the Lord Has MadeG3 33
OffertoryI Am the Bread of LifeG3 945
CommunionBehold the Lamb
Now We Remain
G3 939
G3 785
ClosingI Danced in the MorningG3 796

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