Ash Wednesday

March 6, 2019


Mass Readings:

On Ash Wednesday, the Lenten Season will begin. Most do not consider this a season to get excited about, especially if you compare to Advent. Perhaps it is a change of perspective that is become necessary. This is a big opportunity to deepen our relationship with Jesus. Most people do consider Lent as a time to sacrifice, abstain, or fast. Take these days leading up to Easter to reflect upon yourself and how you can enrich your life. Set goals that focus more on what the gospel readings spoke to us about during ordinary time. Judge less, forgive more.

What in your life causes division in your heart and your
relationships? What actions can you take this Lent to pledge your whole
heart to God?

Music Selections

YouTube Playlist:

Opening:Enter the JourneyGP3 657
Offertory:Open My Eyes (Bilingual)G3 651
Response:Psalm 51:3-4, 5-6AB, 12-13, 14, 17S&P 2019
Communion:Lord, Create in Me (Bilingual)
Communion:Pan de Vida (Bilingual)G3 920
Ashes:Pescador de Hombres (Bilingual)G3 781
Ashes:AshesG3 962
Ashes:Con Estas Cenizas, Senor (Spanish)
Ashes:Return to GodG3 478

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