2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

January 20, 2019


Mass Readings: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/012019.cfm

The Gospel reading from John 2:1-11 is such a well known story in His life. At Cana, not only was this a celebration of holy matrimony, it has much more going on if you observe much closer. Weddings bring people together, so it is important to focus on community and find moments where we can take the opportunity to come together and be with one another especially to celebrate such a beautiful moment in a couple’s lives.

Something else is very evident in the gospel reading, is servitude. Mary calls for Jesus because she sees that there is a shortage of wine. This, of course, marks Jesus’s first miracle. How might we be called in times of need? What does our Blessed Mother whisper to us when she knows someone is in need and how can we serve?

Miracles are only possible through God. We might not have the ability to turn water into wine at a moment’s notice; however, because God lives within us, we are fully equipped to become a living miracle for one another. Through service, community, and Grace of God, let us observe and find ways we can be miracles for one another and especially those most in need.

Music Selections

YouTube Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/ycgd2y9c

OpeningTable of PlentySS 233
ResponsePsalm 96:1-2,2-3,7-8,9-10SP 2019
OffertoryI Have Loved YouG3 588
(Learn New Song)The Peace of God G3 823
Communion – 1One Bread, One BodyG3 932
Communion – 2We are Many PartsG3 834
ClosingAll the Ends of the EarthG3 604

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